Hello and grand day to you! What can I tell you? My cape arrived just before my return from holiday and my, my how magnificent! As I had mentioned, at the time of order, I have two other such garments, from another Scottish manufacturer, but yours is quite special indeed! The quality of the cloth ....the quality of workmanship and the styling is just incredible! Mr. (Sherlock) Holmes, himself, could not have asked or received better! I have looked for the perfect 'Sherlockian-personification cape' for a very long time, and this is most assuredly it!

For anyone looking for authenticity, you are definitely the source!

I also appreciate you organizing the definitive Sherlock Holmes style deerstalker for me -- so I have a 'matched set' ...ready for late night walks into the fog!

I commend you for your prompt attention to my order and the special attention afforded me! Thank you so very much!

Sincerely: William Conly, RSM
-T-Mobile USA, Inc.
West Ridge Mall #1088
1801 SW Wanamaker Rd/K6
Topeka, Kansas 66604